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Building a borderless bank for new Europeans

europeone team 26 Mai 2017

Anton Sergeev, founder of europeone, describes why Berlin is the perfect place from which to revolutionise banking services for pan-Europeans

The first time I visited europeone’s new home town of Berlin was in an Orwellian 1984. Berlin, or the eastern portion of it, to be precise, was something of a dystopian symbol of Europe at that time – a continent divided by walls, borders, ideologies; scarred by war; and haunted by its past.

More than 30 years later, europeone’s new Berlin offices at Charlottenstrasse are a mere block away from that border I first saw in 1984.

When I walk the streets of the German capital today, it is easy to see that Berlin has once again become a symbol of Europe. A Europe that is free, without walls or borders, as well as confident, dynamic and forward looking.

Berlin has become a symbol of a new Europe

europeone reflects the very spirit of a new Europe – borderless, empowering and free. Most importantly, it aims to tear down what we see as the last remaining wall in Europe, that between financial services.

Across Europe, millions of people face a Kafkaesque experience using banks each day. They struggle to open bank accounts, pay bills across countries, and support loved ones back home, thanks to an archaic banking system. In the end, many end up paying outrageously high fees for fundamentally mediocre financial services. 

We at europeone are determined to change this. We are going to be different. We believe that your bank should always be with you, in the palm of your hand on your mobile device. We believe that financial services should connect people, not divide them. 

A mobile bank in the palm of your hand

We believe that the bank should understand you – both your language and your personality. We want you to trust us and know you are safe using our services. In return, we promise to be straightforward, honest and easy to use. We want you to think of us as your friend, and let us help you on your journey, wherever that may take you in Europe.

It is an ambitious and exciting goal, and one we at europeone know we can achieve. As we work to build our borderless bank, we rely on your support, feedback and ideas. Help us build a modern bank for new Europeans, that works across countries and currencies.

The brave new world of financial services is nigh and we can’t wait to build it for you. 

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